Patched Lately?

Patched Lately?

Patches are cute ...

Small things that can either enhance the beauty of an item or prolong its usefulness. People who love decorative patches visit vintage shops that sell them and then apply them to denim or leather jackets. And then there are people who need more utilitarian patches, because their job results in clothes with holes and they need to make sure that what they are wearing is useable and protective.

One enhances, one protects.

Computing patches are like clothing patches. Some are optional and enhance the functionality of a piece of software, while others are necessary to ensure the software functions properly and protects the user from attack. The basic definition of a patch is that it is an update a vendor issues that improves the software, either by removing a vulnerability or providing new or better features. You can download and apply these for free.

When a patch becomes available, you really need to know about it!

This is to ensure you keep your system and software programs up-to-date. You can go about this in a few different ways, which I describe below.

You can set up your operating system to install patches automatically, which is what many users see when they try to shut down their computer and it says it has 27 updates to install.

Keep in mind that this method involves a small amount of risk because, unlike a large organization, the average home user does not have a test environment to make sure a patch won't crash their system. And even in well-known organizations, such as the International Space Station, things still don't always go as planned.

You can add yourself to a mailing list that will inform you of the latest patches available. Vendors usually have one, such as the Security Notifications by Microsoft. Security Focus is a really good mailing list you can sign up for as well.

Or, you can just call us and we will take care of all of your security needs, which includes making sure your systems are protected and have all of the latest patches installed.